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Important update on Boreal eSports

Important update on Boreal eSports


The word has been passed around in the coulisse of the Quebec electronic sports scene but not directly to the general public. It’s time to make it official:

Boreal eSports won’t run teams, nor players, directly under its banner anymore.



After the Sherbrooke Gaming Expo, the four owners at the time had a huge discussion about the future of the Organization. Since the fusion between Armata Gaming and Boreal Gaming, key members invested more than 80 hours a week, sacrificing a lot of their personal life, and for no personal financial income. In addition, most of their efforts weren’t on promoting and managing their teams, but on other activities like lobbying the exclusion of Quebec residents, helping University E-Sports societies develop, promoting electronic sports in conventions, organizing events, supporting local events and the list can continue for pages.

Basically, we were focusing our efforts on building up the market because there was none in Canada. Ironically, the most effort we put in strengthening the market and making it look more like traditional sports, the more professional players became luxury goods attracted by huge companies and millionaires, and the less profitable it was for us to run teams under the Boreal eSports banner.


What’s next?

Now is when all the excitement starts! Having closed our competitive teams and our private community, Boreal Gaming, we are now in a position of zero conflicts of interest in a lot of projects that we had to either put on ice, or voluntarily not develop at its full potential.

The very first one is an entity completely outside Boreal eSports, that should have been, from the beginning, in charge of fighting the exclusion, promoting the e-sports, etc. We don’t want to spoil everything but it’s going to be released in a very near future.

After that, the Hub du Gaming is really due for a total rebranding and a new website. Never would we have thought, 2 years ago when we founded the community, that it would become the largest video games Facebook groups’ network in Quebec with more than 25 000 active members.

Whatever their names, or who is organizing them, the LANs we have been doing in Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse for the last 5 years are still going to happen.

Finally, you can contact us anytime if you are interested by one of our services.


We sure had a lot of fun managing all the best players and teams in Quebec, but it’s time we attack something bigger.